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Healing Circle Workshops

What are Healing Circles?  

"Healing Circles help us step out of ordinary time into a safe and accepting environment in which to explore                                                   our healing. With open minds, we explore together ways of deepening our capacity to heal, alleviating our                                             suffering, and finding meaning in both challenge and joy.  With open hearts, we access our own inner                                                             guidance to understand where the greatest healing—in body, emotions, mind, and spirit—can occur."                                                                 (Michale Lerner, The New School at Commonweal).                    

I first learned of them through an organization called Commonweal.  And Commonweal started with a vision.                                                     In 1975, Michael Lerner was walking at the edge of the small coastal town of Bolinas, just north of                                                                 San Francisco.  He looked out across grasslands and woods at an old RCA radio transmitter facility on abluff overlooking the ocean. He imagined that this site could be a center for work in healing people and                                                         healing the earth.  

After being involved in one as a patient myself and finding immense power and benefit from them, I                                                                   decided this was a healing modality we must incorporate at our own clinic.  Furthermore, after taking                                                             part in the Healing Circles Leadership workshop 2019, Tao Natural Healing is now offering                                                     monthly Healing Circle workshops for patients of Tao Natural Healing. A calendar or upcoming workshops be posted online                                                   soon. If you don't see a topic you're interested in, we are always open to your requests!

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