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Nutrition Support

Integral to each treatment plan, we focus first on healthy eating, a strong, nutrient-rich diet, and simple lifestyle recommendations to support each patient's unique  nutritional needs.  

Because our soils have increasingly been depleted of healthy minerals over the years, it is difficult to get all our nutrition from what we eat, even if its mostly organic.  It is difficult to get away from foods being farmed or mass produced with hormones, pesticides, and preservatives to increase shelf life.  Even if you’re following a more nutrient-dense diet full of quality protein and fats, you can no longer rely on getting all of your nutrients from food.  

We commonly see people suffering from nutritional deficiencies which compromise our immune system, causes DNA damage, makes us age faster, and can cause chronic disease.

We recommend Standard Process and the Medi-Herb line for nutrition supplementation which provide whole food ingredients that are safe, effective, and high-quality.

Once we have established a custom protocol, we can setup a ship to order process for any future refills as needed.

We also use Chinese herbs as an extremely effective treatment modality to enhance acupuncture treatments.  Herbal formulas may be prescribed to strengthen and support the body, regulate internal organ function, or clear the body of excess conditions like a cold, fever, pain or blockages.  

We provide education on complimentary foods, foods to avoid based on taste, temperature, character or movement of the Chinese herbs, to further enhance the overall treatment  protocol for each individual.  

If you are interested in herbal decoctions (bulk raw herbs cooked into a “tea” at home), we can order a prescription for you to pick up at a local bulk raw herb shop in San Francisco or Oakland.  We will also provide Chinese herbal formulas in capsules or 'tea pills,' granulated powders or tinctures.